General <span>Aviation</span>

General Aviation

Insuring your aircraft is different than insuring your home, personal property, or automobiles. It requires in-depth aviation knowledge as well as the ability to understand your specific needs. Wings Insurance is appointed with 100% of the...

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Corporate <span>Aviation</span>

Corporate Aviation

Insurance for your aircraft should be the least of your worries as a business owner. We work with the best insurance carriers and we have years of experience negotiating not only the best coverages, but at the most competitive rates. No one is...

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Commercial <span>Aviation</span>

Commercial Aviation

There are many risks to manage in commercial aviation. Whether you are a charter operator, an aircraft management company, or an aviation product manufacturer, we offer first class service for all your insurance needs. You work hard in your...

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Agricultural <span>Aviation</span>

Agricultural Aviation

Aerial Application is a fun and exciting business to be in… Until it comes to acquiring insurance. Let us help find the best rates on your hull, crops treated, adjacent fields, chemical, and farmers owners/growers coverages. We have an...

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Helicopter <span>Insurance</span>

Helicopter Insurance

Having an agency like Eagles Wings is who understands the needs of operating your helicopter is one of your greatest assets. We will assist in finding the best insurance program that partners with your specific rotor wing aircraft. You can expect...

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Seaplane <span>Insurance</span>

Seaplane Insurance

Your seaplane or amphibian aircraft is an enhanced machine that can adapt to the world of water. We have also evolved our list of comprehensive solutions to meet your insurance needs. We are insurance professionals who work with a variety of...

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UAS & <span>Drones</span>

UAS & Drones

Who would have guessed that the drone/UAS market would have expanded as rapidly as it has today? At Eagles Wings Insurance we have adapted to the times and sought out the best insurance carriers who offer great options to insure your remote pilot...

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Renters <span>Insurance</span>

Renters Insurance

Are you learning to fly? Are you renting a club aircraft with a high deductible? Are you renting/borrowing a friends aircraft? We can bridge the gap between you and your aviation dreams by getting you non-owned aircraft insurance coverages. We...

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